About Us

A little about us, Tanya and Crystal. We have known each other for many years and we both walked through our first pregnancies together. Our sweet girls came into the world near the end of 2017, and yes, they are forced best friends! Being moms is the best and most important thing in our lives, and walking through it together has made it much more fun! Tanya opened her first boutique back in 2012 which was located in downtown Camas, WA. Her experience and knowledge of the fashion industry is what has built Dear Ever Clothing into what it is today!

Brielle and Everlee

Because mom life just gets so busy, we have way less time to go out and shop at an actual store or mall. Online shopping seems to be the way to go these days BUT usually we’re basing the purchases off looking at a picture of a model who has a completely different body type than us, and then when it comes in the mail it looks WAY different on. We’ve all been there! So we've decided to open up this little shop to solve our own issues with online shopping and hopefully help you out too.

Our goal is to bring you outfits that are super cute, comfortable, casual, stylish, and affordable. We will be doing LIVE videos every Wednesday night at 7PT to try on every item for you so you can see how things fit. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers right on the spot. Feel free to message us if you have any requests of certain outfits you are on the hunt for. We are so excited to shop with you!

xoxo Tanya & Crystal